List Of Natural Real Gemstones In Pakistan With Names And Prices

List Of Natural Real Gemstones In Pakistan With Names And Prices

In this article, we are going to share the natural real Gemstones in Pakistan with names and prices.

The myths have led many human communities throughout history to use gemstones in a variety of ways. It is said that some gemstones have special abilities, and some are used to have good wealth, health, anger management, and for many other reasons. All of the gemstones are beautiful in their own beauty, each one distinct from the others by way of color, location of origin, and life’s journey. Gems are found all over the world and come in every color of the rainbow. Each colored gemstone has a unique production of beautiful color.

List Of Gemstones In Pakistan With Names

Here is the list of natural gemstones in Pakistan with names and prices.


Emerald is a beautiful stone that comes in a variety of green tones. High-grade emeralds are particularly those from the Swat Valley. The price mainly depends on the size and quality. It costs more the clearer and greener it i.

Prices: start from PKR 6000

Color: Green


Sapphire is considered one of the most expensive and beautiful stones. It comes in a variety of shades of deep blue and it was worn by the many kings in the past who believed that it had some special qualities. The sapphire price depends on its size, weight, and quality.

Prices: start from PKR 1450

Color: Blue


Apatite is a mineral that can occur in a range of hues and is frequently utilized in industry, but it is not typically thought of as a classic gemstone. Apatite crystals with appealing colors and purity, however, may occasionally be cut and utilized in jewelry. It is mined from Shigar Valley.


Pakistan has zircons in a variety of hues like pink, purple, orange, and green. Color, clarity, and size are a few examples of the elements that affect prices. It’s a low-cost alternative to a diamond.

Prices: start from PKR 5,200

Color: Blue, Pink, Purple and Green


These beautiful gemstones are available in Pakistan in many colors such as green and stunning pink. It also comes in Bi-color. Tourmaline prices vary on their size, color, weight, and quality.

Prices: start from PKR 6,000

Color: Pink and Green.


The stunning ruby reserves can be found in Pakistan’s rocky mountains, particularly in the Hunza Valley and Azad Kashmir. The best rubies from other recognized sources can’t always compete with the deep red tone that Pakistani rubies have. Size, clarity, and color saturation all affect how much a ruby costs. The cost of a high-quality Pakistani ruby can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars per carat.

Prices: start from PKR 4,700

Color: Red


Both blue and pink topaz gemstones are produced in Pakistan. In general, blue topaz is more expensive. It can be found in many colors such as golden yellowish, natural pink, and colorless. Depending on the color, clarity, and size, topaz costs might vary.

Prices: start from PKR 12,000

Color: Blue and Pink.


Turquoise is an alluring gemstone with a vivid blue-green hue that has historical importance in many different cultures. It is known in Pakistan by the name of feroza Turquoise is a gemstone that is widely distributed throughout Pakistan and is found there in great quantities. Its price also depends on the size, color, and quality as well.

Prices: start from PKR 5,700

Color: Blue-green

We have covered most of the Gemstones in Pakistan with names and prices in this article. Do comment on which is your favorite one.

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