Pakistan Top Real Estate Companies:Players Of The Industry

Pakistan Top Real Estate Companies:Players Of The Industry

In this article, We are going to list down some of Pakistan Top Real Estate Companies.

Property is a necessary and very profitable financial option, regardless of whether people are buying, selling, or renting. The real estate market in Pakistan has shown its growth with time. In Pakistan’s real estate market, property agencies provide investors and clients with solutions.

In Pakistan, there are many real estate agencies that can help potential purchasers. The Pakistan Top Real Estate Companies are listed here.

List of Pakistan Top Real Estate Companies

Scroll down to see a list of Pakistan Top Real Estate Companies.

ZEM Builders

Twelve years ago, Zeeshan A. Qureshi launched ZEM Builders with the goal of bringing new standards of luxury to Pakistan. They are able to accomplish their goals because they are real estate professionals who effectively manage their interactions with clients and investors.

It is one of the most famous real estate agencies which was established in 2006. They cover various services such as finding homes, commercial plots, rental property, wanted property, agents, and projects. It has many branches in all over Pakistan in cities like Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi.

Square Nine

One of the top real estate firms in Pakistan is Square Nine. It seeks to provide consumers with affordable investing solutions. Square Nine was founded in 2017 with the intention of providing its clients with real estate solutions that are based on research and allow for risk-free decision-making.


In a short period of time, has become the preferred website for Pakistani property purchasers. is the biggest real estate website; the acquirer improves clients’ visual property viewing experiences to help them make smarter real estate capital investment selections. is already recognized as a reliable brand in the sector due to its steady growth.


It was founded in 2016 to alter Pakistan’s perception of real estate. Since then, it has expanded quickly and maintained its position in the real estate industry. Agency 21 has fostered its culture and established a work ethic in order to gain the trust of its clients. They have expanded their network in all major cities of Pakistan. Agency 21 distinguishes itself from its rivals by exemplifying service, knowledge, delivery, and integrity.


One of Pakistan’s most effective real estate websites is Graana. They always prefer quality over quantity. To assist customers who are looking to buy, rent, sell, or invest in real estate, they have developed a trustworthy and useful platform. It is a one-stop where you can shop for your real estate needs.

Sky One Real Estate & Builders

Sky One Real Estate & Builders is a licensed dealer of Bahria Town in Karachi. Due to its in-depth understanding of the market and an everlasting dedication to its customers, Sky One Real Estate & Builders separates out from the competition. Their customers’ positive word-of-mouth recommendations are largely responsible for their success. For more than 12 years, they have been building homes and businesses in Bahria Town.

Another real estate agency,, has been in operation for ten years. It mostly operates out of the twin cities, but it soon hopes to grow. Investors are given the investment plan for both commercial and residential lands. Clients are also given access to a personalized investment strategy.

There are many choices of real estate agencies when it comes to buying, selling, or renting a property. You might find it hard to choose Pakistan Top Real Estate Companies. We have mentioned some of the top agencies in Pakistan so read carefully so save yourself from any kind of fraud before selling or buying any property through any unknown real estate companies.

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