7 Fashion Trends To Follow In 2023

7 Fashion Trends To Follow In 2023

Pakistan’s fashion industry is not sustainable; in fact, it is evolving rapidly. In this modern age gleaming up in style has become the fashion statement for the people. To remain in style we always look forward to the latest trends and fashions to follow. Pakistan Fashion is always changing; it has gone beyond because of the speedy modification in the styles of people wearing. Now people follow celebrities to know about the latest trends and adapt their styles. From bridal wear to casual suits trends have changed a lot over time. Today there are many options available from expensive to cheap ones. Which people can buy and collaborate with fashion trends. Such a huge list also confuses people about whether they should adopt or not.

In the upcoming season, the below-mentioned style statements should be followed. For the fashion addicts here we go with seven fashion trends which will stay in 2021.

Unstitched Wedding Wear

In forthcoming bridal unstitched wedding wear is gaining popularity. Now more people tend to buy unstitched cloths as compared to designer lawn collection. Now people will move forward with luxury fashion wedding wears in the future. Old schools’ wedding clothing styles are becoming popular in the country.

Medium Shirts With Cigarette Pants

Medium shirts with cigarette pants will be followed in the following year. Alongside these many catchy and bold colors will be in fashion. For casual wear, digital prints are in fashion and printed suits are also gaining popularity in the coming year.

Long Kurtis

On parallel to medium shirts, long Kurtis will also remain in. Long ankle Kurtis with cigarette pants or palazzos will be trendy look for the girls. Although these are not new in the fashion style but still will remain a craze for the ladies.

Dupatta Is Back

From the last couple of years wearing dupatta was getting out of fashion. With long shirts, it had gone away from the girl’s closet. But for now, it is again gaining popularity as many celebrities are making style statements in fashion shows, wearing dupattas. 

Khussa In Style

Even if khussa is a quite old fashion trend but it lingers in style and stays trendy. It never went out of style. You can set a smart pair of khussa with formal or causal wears-like traditional shalwar suit or western style jeans with a top. You can carry this with such wears and make your style example.

Pastels Are In

Pastels have become very trendy from 2020. Many young girls and classy ladies wanted to add any shade of pastels in their wardrobe. If we talk about spring or summer wears these are already in and will remain popular in the future. Even it is also hitting in Shadi wears as famous actress Iqra Aziz also wore pastel color dress at her wedding.

Fringe Style Clothing

The fringe dressing is always a seamless addition in your wardrobe. Whether its summertime or spring; fringe style clothing is a perfect ethereal in your closet. If you are looking for trendy styles in fringe shirts, skirts, jackets, and even bridal wear can also enhance their wardrobe with this style.


Today people never want to get out of fashion. Indeed this is hard to copy every style which is popular, but still, people wanted to follow these and make their own styles. If we are missing out on any of the latest trends, do share with us in the comments section below.

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