Privacy Policy

We offer our services for selling any kind of business services and event happening in Pakistan as per government laws and regulations.

Conditions You Need to Follow

  • Duplicate ad posting

    Posting ad of the same business service multiple times are not allowed. Ads having the same title, description are considered duplicate ads.

  • Restrain from spamming

    We strongly disallow spamming. Posting ads in bulk are not permitted to be posted on

  • Local ad posting is only for the people of Pakistan. They can share their businesses, services and events within Pakistan. Foreign numbers, places, and services are not allowed to be posted here.

  • Inappropriate listing / events

    We don’t permit to post inappropriate listing or event. Listings and events which are meaningless and unclear in nature are restricted.

  • Only verified emails are allowed

    You can only share a valid email address in the description of your event or business listing.

  • Selling multiple products in one ad

    We restrict to add multiple products or services in one ad. To post more than one item you have to create a new ad.

  • Flora And Fauna only allows animals which come under the provisional wildlife Regulations. Promotion or selling of banned flora in Pakistan is also not allowed.

  • Sexually explicit content

    Pornographic and sexually explicit material is not allowed to be posted. Please avoid posting any product or service involving any sexual activity. You are not allowed to post an adult image, content in the title, description, and images of the ad.

  • Sale of Weapons and Drugs

    Posts related to any kind of sale of weapons, which are solely for the purpose of causing injury are not allowed. The sale of illegal drugs and the promotion of gambling activities are completely banned.

Please read the terms of services for posting an ad.

  1. Account creation: Only one user is allowed to create an account against one number. If you try to create multiple accounts from one number, you might get banned from
  2. Please post the listing/ event in the suitable category list.
  3. may with or without cause, terminate the listing or event under this agreement. Note (in case it is not as per our policy)
  4. We reserve the right to change our privacy policy.
  5. Fees and payments: Advertisers are agreeing to pay all the required charges and fees under this agreement.