Top 5 Best Pakistani Attar You Must Try

Top 5 Best Pakistani Attar You Must Try

The term Attar is derived from the Persian word ‘itr’ meaning ‘Perfume’. Nowadays most perfumes are made with chemicals, but Attars are 100% natural and made with the love of nature.  

It is an essential oil derived from flowers, herbs, or bark. Popular in the Middle East and South Asian countries such as Pakistan, attars are becoming more popular in developed countries like the USA, UK and Australia for their long-lasting natural scents without the presence of alcohol.

How to Apply Attar

A typical method of applying attar is to dab a small amount of it on your pulse points (wrists, under your ears, sides of your neck etc.). Attar is pretty potent so just a small amount will last you for days. A small amount of attar to rub over clothing is more effective than applying it with an applicator or rolling it over clothes. Reminder: little attar!  Attar are vital aromatic essences with a very long-lasting scent.

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Most famous Pakistani Attar Perfumes you should use

There are different types of attars found depending on the raw materials used to manufacture them. I have listed the top 5 Pakistan’s Attar perfume that you must try at least once in your lifetime.


Rahmah pakistani attar

The first best Pakistani Attar is Rahmah. The Rahmah Attar is the best choice for someone who is looking for a sweet fragrance with a lasting effect. This is formulated with a blend of Rose, warm spices, amber, and wood.

There are several attars and oudhs available, but it is made with pure ingredients. Mahrah’s fragrance is calming and peaceful. It is only suitable for women.

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Dasm-Al-Oudh pakistani attar

The second best Pakistani Attar is Dasm-Al-Oudh. Basically, it’s an alcohol-free Attar. Probably the most famous and premium quality brands of Attar in the world. The centre of the fragrance consists of floral notes (ginger, rose, jasmine, bergamot, sandalwood) and amber, while the base contains a mix of creamy ingredients (milk, sandalwood, cardamom). You can buy this best attar perfume for men and women.

This Attar smells very pleasant. Anyone will enjoy its fragrance. This luxurious Attar comes in a very elegant glass bottle. The bottle has a screw cap as well as a roll-on. The scent is very strong.

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Fa’ek-ul-Jamal pakistani attar

The third best Pakistani Attar is Fa’ek-ul-Jamal. The strong bitter woody scent of Attar can provide you with the power to be a strong statement all day. We recommend Fa’ek-ul-Jamal for that. The perfect blend of fragrances gives you this Attar, which is a great statement-making fragrance.

You only need a drop of Attar to keep you fresh throughout the day. I recommend this Attar for going on dates or preparing to attend an evening function. There is a very beautiful glass bottle from which this Attar comes.

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Ameer pakistani attar

The fourth best Pakistani Attar is Ameer. Ameer is a traditional and unisex Attar. We get the idea! A sweet-smelling perfume worn by the leader of exotic flowers, meaning followers. You know it! This unisex fragrance has a faint citrus scent to it which is great for people who like lighter scents as well as those who are sensitive to that kind of scent.


Oudh-e-Shaaz pakistani attar

The fifth best Pakistani Attar is Oudh-e-Shaaz. We’ve hand-crafted a fragrance that is neither too strong nor too sweet. An earthy and sensual fragrance will go with any outfit, no matter the time of day.  

Oudh-e-Shaaz’s fragrance is really strong, but it can also be used by women. Additionally, the fragrance lasts quite a while.

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