Most Beautiful Destinations To Visit In Pakistan In 2020

Most Beautiful Destinations To Visit In Pakistan In 2020

Pakistan is on its way to achieving more and more every day Pakistan. Today Pakistan has made its place to top destinations to visit in Pakistan in 2020. It was revealed in the Conde Nast Traveller’s list. Pakistan has the potential to grow its tourism sector because of the God gifted beautiful places and ancient buildings in the world. There are many ancients’ destinations that have made it to the list. Many other companies from around the world also have listed Pakistan among the best destinations to travel in 2020.

In the last couple of years, Pakistan’s tourism sector has grown much because of the economic growth in the country. The government of Pakistan is also investing in this sector. Tourism is a considerable source to bring foreign tourists in the country which supports shaping a country’s positive image in the world and increase economic growth as well. Here I am going to share the best destination which you must visit in Pakistan in 2020.

Hunza Valley

Hunza is the topmost beautiful land in Gilgit Baltistan. This place captures the attention of loads of people because of its green beauty and beautiful landscape. There are several places which one must visit while traveling over here. These destinations include Rakaposhi peak, Karimabad, Altit Fort, Lush Lake, Baltit Fort and many more. Rakaposhi peak is in the Hunza valley; an astounding place that you should not miss when visiting Hunza. The best time to visit these places is from April to October because in hot summer temperature is around 26 to 27 centigrade here. Such type of weather condition is good for traveling perspective.


Murree is another famous spot for tourists’ destinations. This beautiful destination is also known as Malika-e-Kohisar. Natives of Islamabad and Rawalpindi used to visit this place very often. People came here to spend marvelous moments in hot summer to kill the hotness of the summer season we have in Punjab. In Murree heavy snow falling occurs during December, January, and February. Winters are at their peak in this season. Ayubia, Kashmir point, Pindi point chair lift, Mall road, Dunga Gali are some of the most pleasant spots to explore in Murree.

Karachi Beaches

If you are planning a trip to some of the amazing beaches we have in Pakistan, you cannot ignore the beaches we have in Karachi. If you ever wanted to know about the top beaches then your list must have, sand spit, cape mount, Hawkes bay, paradise point, Nathia Gali beach, Kund Malir beach and Gawader harbor, Astore beach, west bay beach, Jawani beaches. These are some of the most stunning beaches we have in Karachi Pakistan. These beaches should not be ignored by giving a visit.

Stunning Beaches Of Balochistan

Balochistan is ranked among the most exotic beaches in Pakistan. Whenever we hear the name of Balochistan, what comes in our minds which are known as less developed and mostly desert area? But the fact is that nature has gifted this place with some of the stunning beaches which are naturally preserved. There is as such no significant developments have been done so far by the government of Pakistan. Still, there are many beaches which attract most of the tourist here.

These beaches include coastal highway, Gadani Beach, Astola Island, Gwader, Gwader Harbour, west bay, pasni beach. These spots can be a dream destination for tourists. These stunning beaches are already very spectacular and could capture the attention of foreign tourists. This can be known as the hidden gem of Pakistan which needs to be explored more and the government of Pakistan should also take adequate measures to these places preservation.

Historical Places Of Lahore

Lahore is a blessed place to have some of the classic buildings and a few historical destinations which are known because of their history and beautiful architecture. Today they are still among the must-have tourist destinations in Pakistan. Several great architectures of the Mughal Empire have grabbed the attention of many people. Lahore has some of the masterpieces of great architecture, Minar-e-Pakistan, Badshahi Mosque, Lahore fort; Tomb of Jahangir, Wazir KhanMosque, Lahore museum, and Food Street are among the top places to stopover.

Ancient Places In Sindh

whenever the name of Sindh province came to our minds, we think of different places of Karachi. But the fact is that Sindh is also blessed with some of the ancient sites. These places are famous because of their significant history and heritage. Some of the remarkable ancient places which you must give a visit are Mohenjo Daro, Kot Digi Fort, Rani Kort fort (also known as great wall of Pakistan), Shah Jahn Mosque Thatta, Makli graveyard, Gorakh Hill Station Dadu, and Kirthar National Park are some of the significant in the list of best destination.

Karachi’s Most Amazing Places

Next to Karachi’s most beautiful beaches, several other wonderful destinations that make this place an ideal spot for exploring. Karachi’s tourist attractions have Empress Market, Mohata palace, frère hall, Masjid Tooba, Hindu Gymkhana, and Bagh Ibn-e-Qasim. This is the most populous city of Pakistan hence can bring more to the tourism industry.

Beautiful Spots Of Islamabad

Islamabad has been ranked as the second most beautiful capital city in the world. There are also some of the amazing heavenly places. You can visit these wonderful places which makes it a must-have destination for tourists. Lok Virsa, Pakistan Monument, Said Pur village, Monal, Faisal Mosque, amazing trails of Margalla hills, Rawal Lake are few of the best stations one must not ignore when visiting the country.

If you have come across to visit any of these places, do share your experience with us. We would love to hear back from you.

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