Event Promotion Guide For 2020 In Pakistan

Event Promotion Guide For 2020 In Pakistan

We have entered into a new decade with new hopes and challenges in life. These challenges will come with new events of life. How to tackle and handle these situations can make you go through these affairs smartly. Events are part of everyone’s part of life whether you are living at home or doing some kind of business.  Organizing events have the great potential for cost-effective growth of your business. Therefore you must invest in your event promotion campaign for the future of your business as well.

Every passing moment we came across with different and innovative techniques from event marketing to succeed in the game of event organizing. Each event has a different aspect and its frequency to attract more people. This is what I observed in the last couple of days when the soul food festival was bringing more traffic to our website. That was something going beyond our expectations. The fact is that because of the number of people who are interested in the event. When you target the right people, you can achieve what you want from an event marketing strategy.

Here I am going to share some event promotions ideas which can help you to derive more event attendees.

Align Event Marketing Goals

Whether you are new in business or from so many years, the first thing to do in event promotion is to align event marketing goals with the number of event attendees. Keeping in mind the event attendees list you may want to achieve your event promotion by defining these goals:

  • The number of people registered.
  • How many attendees have paid for the registration?
  • The number of discounts you want to give and the number of free registrars.

This will surely increase the number of event attendees. On the other hand, aligning your event promotion goals with leads and sales should be like:

  • How many leads you generate
  • Number of registrants from marketing
  • Number of registrants from sales and executive leadership

Sales And Marketing Team Alignment

The power of the event’s success lies in the sales and marketing team. To achieve the specific goals of the marketing campaign, sales and marketing persons should have a one to one meeting. Define each and everything about your event to them. So both the teams can work together in collateral and can have complete knowledge about events message and fun goal. If you have collaboration in the teams, you can come up with a great event marketing campaign as everyone knows about the announcements and conversations. For example, if one team member is working on making banners for advertisements on billboards, then the social media team can share these with the audience over the official pages. They can also share such posts on their social accounts to spread the word across the world.

Leverage Your Existing Channels

Today every person uses a mobile phone and has social media accounts and profiles with abundant fan followers. People now use it continually, even at their place of work also. To promote the event across a specific area then you can ask your employees to become an influence in their circle. These existing channels can help you to promote your events at less cost and time. To use these channels, your existing content can be a plus. Even your previous events videos and reviews from the audience can be a plus point.

Reuse previous event content

Your previous event’s content can also be an effective asset in the event marketing strategy.  Think of past videos, content, reviews from the people, investors, sponsors, and speakers. These people and tools can acquire more attendees in a short period without costing a penny. These potential speakers and event attendees can bring more people and influence the greater audience, which results in attracting people and developing their interest in the event. Your previous video testimonials can also be a plus where you can share more content to spread the word.

Sponsors of the occasion

Sponsorship can bring more to the event promotion ideas. You don’t need to worry about the things if you have fantastically incorporated sponsors. To engage sponsors, you need to share the detailed information and tell other people how much it will be beneficial for these sponsors and how it will help them to gain popularity. You can send emails or newsletters with details to capture the attention of amazing sponsorship opportunities.

Paid ads

To enrich the marketing strategy you can also use social media channels and newsletters. A series of blog posts can be created which are relevant to your event. In these blog posts, you can tell the world about upcoming events happening you have organized. Blogging can also promote details of the program to more people. These techniques can be helpful to have paid ads for the event. These paid blog post series can guide your audience in the right way.

Social media a campaign

Social media channels have a huge potential to promote the event across different platforms to a wide range of people. A social media campaign can result in a greater return on investment. To promote the event you can use a specific hashtag for the event. Sharing videos about the event on tiktok videos, snapchat stories, facebook groups sharing, including twitter chats and Instagram stories can create a buzz for the event.

Hire a professional photographer

Today event photography is must have no matter what type of event you are organizing. These professionals can help you to create content for the event to share on social media channels. Photography about the event from a professional photographer can also be a tool to use for promoting your next event. In this way, people will surely have a look at the great event you have organized.

Key takeaways

Today innovation is the key to success in every field of life. With the rapid transformation in technology, event marketers should be careful while designing event promotion strategies. If you have any new things to share with us regarding event advertisement, do share with us in the comments.

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