TikTok: Super passed Facebook and Instagram In-App installs

TikTok: Super passed Facebook and Instagram In-App installs

Whether you have downloaded this lip-syncing app or not! But you must be aware of this short video making App. TikTok has taken over the internet by storm from the last couple of years. TikTok users have grown very rapidly in the month of October and have earned the most revenue this month over time. This is owned by a Chinese company ByteDance, created this app in 2016. Since its start, it has gone very popular among people of different ages. For now, it has crossed Facebook and Instagram and has been downloaded over 1 BILLION TIMES. It means the obsession of TikTok among the people is expanding with each passing day.

It is now considered as the most worthwhile startup to date. From the list of one billion users 96 million users just belong to the US. Although it’s just launched in the US recently; it has crossed millions of users in such a short time there. For now, it is first-ever China’s company passing Instagram and Facebook in the world in app installs.

What TikTok App is all about?

TikTok is just a simple app with incredible features for its users where they can create short videos of their talent, whether dancing, singing and recording precious life moments. It is very popular among teenagers and youth in the whole world. This app is just on a mission to encourage young and teenagers to show their talent and make fun-filled meme videos.

Astoundingly this app is quite agile having all the elements of other apps like Snap chat, Twitter, Spotify, the Vine in one single app. People over TikTok can create bizarre humor by lip-syncing over some of the popular songs or scenes from movies. In other words, you can say people create short fun-filled video memes. It has not captured just middle-aged and teenage group attention but young Children and elders too.  People used to create videos in their original voice but I must say music is the oxygen of this app because making videos over some popular song can make it viral more swiftly.

Every bean has its Black

Every bean has its black that is why just like other social media applications this social media app producer also had to face several cases regarding its data privacy concerns of children.  TikTok came under fire in the US by the US regulatory authorities in February for data-privacy and predatory concerns.  The company had to pay $ 5.7 million to the US Federal Trade Commission. This is not the first time any social media company comes under fire for stealing and data-privacy concerns, especially in the collection of underage children’s data and private information.

In the UK there was another case against the company regarding children’s privacy. Children who are 13 years old can use this app. National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children in the UK discovered that over 40000 schoolchildren have been live-streamed with strangers. The child abusers have asked them to take off their clothes in the comments while live streaming as per NSPCC.  It has also been observed that sexually abusive comments and searches are also a major cause of self-castigation.

Information over the TikTok can be spread quickly as this is an app of viral exchange. Twenty-Five Percent of downloads of the app are from India, that is certainly the reason it has been banned by India because of pornographic content availability. Later the ban was lifted on the condition that the indecent videos would not be created.

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