Top 10 Antique Artificial Jewellery Designs

Top 10 Antique Artificial Jewellery Designs

Tired of checking “jewellery stores near me”? Why not try something novel and unique? La Mosaik brings an all-new assemblage of the latest artificial jewellery designs at your reach. It provides an online catalog of the most adorable and artisanal jewellery. You can buy both casual and bridal jewellery pieces. It is presenting the most unique antique jewellery for the first time at a very affordable price and high quality. This designer jewellery is proposed and designed by the most talented designers who are the rising celebs in the fashion industry. Get ready to light up your look with this shimmering and captivating jewellery. 

Find a perfect accessory for yourself and you will love shopping online. Here is an overview of the latest artificial jewellery designs at your very own online jewellery store. Check out what you love and dare to dazzle with the cool and eye-catching pieces of jewellery. Here you go!


The etched anklet pieces are enough to add a touch of stunning beauty to your glamourous look. Accessorize your events by adorning yourself with these antique anklets. These designs are unique in themselves and are available at most pocket-friendly prices. No need to waste your energy searching for jewellery sites in your city to get the latest artificial jewellery designs. Explore the coolest collection of anklets find the matching anklet with your attire. Yes, it’s that easy!

Choker sets

Who on the earth doesn’t love a fancy choker to wear with decent apparel? Chokers are something that is not just a piece of jewellery but a reflection of the grace a persona carries. They always look extremely stunning, giving a gorgeous look that always enhances confidence and perfection. Check out the online catalog of intricately designed chokers for you to wear at any gathering. So get ready to dazzle with these amazing jewellery pieces. Check out the latest artificial jewellery designs sitting at your home and order the one you love!


Earrings are as essential for a lady as perfect apparel to wear at any gathering. Not a single trend, event, or fashion is completed without an alluring set of earrings. Every lady strives to get the best-matched earrings with her dress and sometimes it gets complicated to get the perfect match. But this worry comes to an end. A complete catalog of antique earrings including appealing studs with carved work is presented just to make your events remarkable. Explore the latest artificial jewellery designs online and get the trendiest one.

Hath Phool

The beauty of a girl lies in her hands and the way she adores them. Hand accessories make them look more gorgeous and puts them in the spotlight. Jewellery always makes her more prominent and noteworthy at every event. Time to explore the best collection of bracelets and hath pools. Extremely unique in their style, these jewellery pieces are scratch-resistant and long-lasting.

This dazzling collection includes

  • Indian panja, very unique and intricately designed. Available in both golden and silver themes with a wide range of exceptional fashion-forward designs.
  • German silver filigree hath phool, designed with fine details and extremely noteworthy antique work. This jewellery piece is going to grab your heart.


If you are a fashionista and searching for something very rare and cool to add to your jewelry box, here you are with the destination. La Mosaik presents novel trends and the latest artificial jewelry designs for you. Check out the vintage Afghani handcuffs designed in various styles and color themes. Going with almost every dress, these are so unusual that they will make you stand out at any gathering. So don’t wait to be a bot classy and get a handcuff to match with your trendy outfits. Not only had this you can also buy handmade jewelry boxes with carved designs that you will love.


Today’s bride needs something extra. Match a classic mala to add a tinge of tradition and sparkle to your lives. Check out the coolest collection of the latest artificial jewelry designs at your very own one-stop-shop. Here’s the brand new mala collection which you can wear with either a plain dress on some formal gathering or with bridal attire. 

  • Afghani antique gold mala
  • Lotus mala
  • Indian emerald mala
  • Indian pan motif long mala
  • Afghani layered ruby mala
  • Pearl mala
  • Vintage afghan mala
  • Traditional silver mala
  • Afghan Taweez shape mala
  • Indian intricate mala
  • Quirky colorful mala


The choice of rings is something that defines your outlook towards fashion. If you are looking for casual rings, engagement rings, and wedding rings. The ruby rings and bohemian afghan rings are in trends. So ladies here is the time to go royal. Buy your favorite rings for your special occasions.


Here’s the cutest range of affordable handmade clutches. You can carry them at all events including friends’ gatherings, formal events, and bridal functions. They are just perfect for a black-tie party or an evening out. These handmade clutches are specially designed and beaded with shells to make them look gorgeous with every attire you carry.

Oversized chokers

Are you worried about your bridal jewellery? All your worries are over now. Because you have just landed at the perfect place. Yes. Just explore the enthralling range of these oversized chokers and you will fall in love with them. These oversized chokers include a wide range of:

  • Afghan chokers
  • Oriental chokers
  • Hybrid chokers
  • Tribal themed chokers
  • Fish chokers

Hair clips and Nose accessories

A nose pin and a hair clip are enough to put you in the spotlight. Funky colored hairpins are in fashion with summer dresses. Nose pins are an always-in trend in the fashion industry. Get yourself a delicate nose pin to enhance your facial features and charm.

Just pair them with your lovely ensemble to look gorgeous on your special day. Because all you buy for your special events remain with you as a memory forever.

Check out the latest artificial jewellery designs for ladies and place your order. Your fashion piece will reach your doorstep and in case you change your mind you can avail the return policy.

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