The Hype Of Blessed Friday Sale In Pakistan

The Hype Of Blessed Friday Sale In Pakistan

The trend of Black Friday sales started a couple of years ago in Pakistan. Before that only a few people know about this celebration because this is an international event and no brand follows this event in Pakistan. Black Friday is an American day celebrated right after Thanksgiving day last Friday in the month of November.  Americans celebrate this day to start their Christmas day shopping time. Shopping stores offer discounts on all kinds of products and services before the eve of Christmas. 

Concept of blessed Friday

Many brands have named Black Friday sale as blessed, mega, big, golden, and even white Friday in Pakistan. The reason might be that we belong to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Friday is a holy day for Muslims to worship. So the brands here don’t want to hurt the emotions of Muslims. That is why they have given their own name to this day i.e. blessed, white, golden, big Friday discounted offers and there are so many others.

Concept of blessed Friday

Why it is named as Blessed Friday?

When shopping stores started this trend of offering sales in the name of Black Friday sale, many people started cursing them over social media and on other Media. The matter became really sensitive for them therefore the government took the decision to name it as blessed Friday. Now it is as per government order to name this day as blessed Friday and that is the official name.

To be honest I didn’t understand why this matter became too sensitive when this is not celebrated by Muslims nationally and internationally? Why this become a hot issue and the government has to decide the name of this day when this is not a Muslim holy event of the year?   People call it as un-Islamic to call Friday as Black Friday. But what about Thanksgiving is that a Holy day of Muslims after that this November Friday sale day is being celebrated?

White friday sale

The myth of discounts

Are brands really offering the same Discounts, unlike American states?

The answer is perhaps no. When you experience it in real the fact is too far from the marketing campaigns shopping stores run. Many of you must have experienced the sales offer in Americans states and must have availed them too.  Can you relate the discount prices of Pakistani Brands with them?

Many people bashed such discount offers and regret it too after making a purchase.  People on social media curse such sales offer as the price of items was raised and then offered at discounted rates.

The question here arises are….

Does it make it a Halal after naming it as blessed Friday? What about the other Friday blessings? Why don’t we have such discounted offers before the eve of Eids and Ramadan? In fact, on these occasions, shopping stores hike the prices of products.

In a nutshell

Following the previous year’s almost all the brands have offered discounts in the name of blessed Friday sale, even the small stores have also started these discount offers. The reasons are probably people going crazy over such offers.

In the end, my question is where this Friday sale will lead us in the coming few years? How it will affect the shopping trends in Pakistan?

Do tell us your views and any experience you would like to share with us this Blessed Friday discount offers?

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