Technology Trends You Should Know For 2020

Technology Trends You Should Know For 2020

In this fast-moving pace, I must say technology is changing in the blink of an eye. It seems like technology has taken over not only businesses, even it is affecting the lives of the common man in drastic ways. Not only is it changing the way people are doing businesses, but also consumers and the general public. As a technology futurist, I must say technology is a giant human-like venture that is shaping our lives into a world full of industrial science. New trends are emerging in technology day by day all across the world. Therefore everyone must know about them to coup up with the use of these technologies.
Here I am sharing some technology trends which you should be following next year in 2020.

 Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology

Human beings are constantly working on to make a better future from birth. Blockchain technology has already been used worldwide at a great level in 2019. Simply blockchain is a digital ledger system to record transactions through a protected and decentralized secured system. Many people think that blockchain is the future when it comes to digital transactions. In 2017 bitcoin digital currency took the world by storm but for now, blockchain technology will reshape the future by 2030. It has also been predicted that the government will also adopt virtual currency to some extent in the next years. This technology has the potential to provide new ways to do business. It will emerge in a way that will reshape industries, businesses, and societies entirely. The fact behind its huge impact in the world is due to its transparency in official transactions and copyright laws on music and people’s content.

5G Networks

Although the fifth-generation network has been failed to revolutionize communication in Pakistan in 2019 there are some predictions about its functioning in 2020. The complications fifth-generation networks face in 2019 were brought up to the rear because of infrastructure in the country. Secondly, it has been working in major areas of the world as this is a bit expensive also. Irrespective of these facts there are predictions about its rapid growth and plans are there in 2020. It means there will be super-fast networks to streamline and download data. Companies and businesses are looking forward to this for fast transfer of data download and super-fast stable internet.

Artificial Intelligence (Ai)

I always wonder how society will look like after some decades as technologies are taking over the world by storm. I believe that it will gonna transform humankind and its work, privacy, dating, play, finance, economy, war nothing is left bind from technology. Businesses and industries are already using AI-based systems to ensure greater customer experience and for the smooth running of their business operations. Its use will increase over time in 2020 as well. The fact is that we just need to enter our data and it will do the whole work of calculations with custom engineering. Therefore no excuse is left to use this service platform for companies, irrespective of the fact that this platform is a bit expensive right now for the small businesses to incorporate into their business.

Self-Driving Cars

The phenomenon of self-driving cars is not new to the world now. The truth is that now the question arises by the people that when they will have autonomous cars on the road? Although many big companies have built and tested driverless autopilot systems on the road still it has some complications to deal with pedestrian and as far as there are human drivers on the road. Because of how much you care humans can still make small mistakes while driving which can result in accidents. In such cases, humans can make allowances to sort out the matter but self-driving cars can’t adopt this to solve the problem. The fact is that new technology comes with new challenges.

Technology At The Price Of Personal Information

I must say as we are finding ease and convenience by using these technologies, but they don’t come to us freely. We are exchanging it at the cost of our personal information. These companies are using private information. All these tasks are being done by artificial intelligence acquiring people’s data. But the question arises here is that how much private information you can compromise to take advantage of these technologies. The Internet gathers data about your personal information and observes the activities you do. Companies are also using AI to get info and send emails direct to your inbox. There is a lot more technology is doing for some kind of information.


Although these technologies are making a huge difference in our lives daily and working to reshape human’s future. These tech-related services are making greater impacts on human lives regularly and will continue to work on in the future. These are some of the technologies which will emerge in 2020 with new challenges and convinces mankind.
Do you share your thoughts on which hi-tech will be our future in the long run? What factors will affect the above-mentioned mechanics and how we will be able to cope up with new challenges of data privacy?

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