Liquefying Glaciers And Its Impact On Pakistan’s Future

Liquefying Glaciers And Its Impact On Pakistan’s Future

Glaciers are a natural source of water. Earth’s temperature is increasing every passing day. Since the industrial revolution, we are facing this issue in the form of global warming. A few days ago we also faced Bushfires in Australia as a result of human actions. With the rapid increase in climate change and an increase in the average temperature on earth, we are heading towards liquefying the icebergs in several parts of the world. Pakistan is also not safe from the changes in climate. There is also a great impact on Pakistan’s glaciers. There is a fear that it will also have a great impact on the future of Pakistan? I am going to share the impacts of this global environmental change in Pakistan and on the future generation.

Water scarcity wars

Pakistan is already running a shortage of water. These glaciers are also a major source of water for millions of people living in northern areas. That is why there is already tension between Pakistan and India. There is a fear that India will stop water coming to Pakistan irrespective of the fact that the two nuclear states had signed the Indus water treaty after partition to use the water in the region for useful purposes and fairly.

Regardless of this India has built many water reservoirs and can store water to use for more than 100 days. On the other hand, Pakistan reservoirs can store water only for a month. India has also threatened Pakistan many times to limit access to water. In such a case if there would be a breach of contract then the water scarcity may lead to serious tensions among the two countries. As there is already much because of Kashmir issue and people are still under curfew there.

Melting of the Hindu Kush and Himalayan glaciers

Scientists have warned that these regions are going under severe climate crises by 2100. South Asia is a region of dense population and here we are already facing many natural disasters in the form of floods in the rainy season and earth quacks, storms, etc. Climate change is the biggest reason behind these disasters. And that is just because of the increasing temperature on account of global warming.

The rising of temperature is also causing the Hindu Kush and Himalayan regions glaciers to shrink. The researchers have revealed that the mountains of Pakistan will lose around two-third of these icebergs in 2100. Such an immense amount of melting of these glaciers will not only bring floods and form lakes; they will also bring mud and wastage with them. Scientists had also warned that the melting of ice will have serious consequences on 250 million people living in these areas.

A threat to human’s lives

Indeed water is life. No living thing can survive without water. Human life is in serious threat because of the melting of glaciers worldwide. Climate change and an increase in the average temperature of the earth is resulting in extreme summers and extreme winters with heavy snowfalls. The Karakoram Range having some of the world’s tallest peaks have more ice than any other area like Antarctica in the world. The immense melting of these glaciers is a threat to the people living in these areas.

Melting of these glaciers is endangering the lives of people and also increasing the sea levels. Agriculture production of Pakistan is dependent on the irrigated water from rivers and these ice glaciers are the major source of water to these rivers. Scientists have also revealed that by 2050, losing these ice sheets in such an immense amount will leave Pakistan in a more vulnerable condition. Indus water is the main water source for Pakistan and because of liquefying glaciers the flow is decreasing every year.


It’s time to think about the upcoming generation and to take action and save our environment. Many people are also working hard to take adequate measures for better environmental conditions. Human’s lifestyle is the main cause of damaging and polluting our environment. We as a whole and individually should step forward for the preservation of the lives of living things. All of these environmental challenges we are facing today are just because of our selves. We don’t just need to realize this fact but also need to intervene. Pakistan also needs to build more water reservoirs to store water for a year, so that we can have sustainable growth in the country and stability in the economy.

Please share your thoughts on the topic. What should we do a Pakistani to save our country from pollution and change in climate?

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