Is BMW Still ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’

Is BMW Still ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’

BMW always aims to have the most attributed machines in the industry that they claim to be an ultimate driving machine. The tagline Ultimate Driving machine was invented by an advertising agency in New York in the 1970s for the BMW Company. It has a great impact on customers as this was the most luxurious and high-performance car. But the fact is that with new and latest technology Tesla and Mercedes Benz had taken over the BMW in the ultimate driving vehicle list.

Mercedes Benz Over BMW

Unfortunately, BMW has lost its sales in the year 2016 and lost its position against its competitor Mercedes Benz. Many analysts have also pointed out that BMW is beating Mercedes Benz in profitability and cash flows. But this is also a fact that Automaker BMW has changed its CEO in 2019 for revitalizing the brand. The fact is that Mercedes Benz has many luxury models available for car enthusiasts; on the other hand, BMW is staling in manufacturing luxury performance designs. BMW has also claimed that its sports activity vehicles comprise 37 % of the sales. On account of this BMW is facing an investigation from US federal securities because they might have been deceived in sales figures.

BMW VS Tesla

BMW is quite an old and one of the greatest luxury car manufacturer company. But on the other hand, if we compare BMW with Tesla motors, Tesla has gained much popularity in luxury cars over BMW. Their gross margin is also a bit higher than BMW. Tesla is launching new models in the industry and increases its units of deliveries every year but still, they are manufacturing fewer vehicles as compared to BMW. BMW 3 series and Tesla Model 3 are competing with each other in the market.  Both of these cars are taking steps in the right direction. But both these models are also sharing the same features like interior, high performance, and safety features.  Remember that BMW has a huge history of ruling the industry whereas Tesla is designing their vehicles keeping in mind the modern needs of today’s buyers.  That might be the reason that there is a huge difference in the prices of BMW’s 2019 3 series and Tesla’s 2019 model 3.

Bottom line

Concluding the topic here there are fears in the industry that BMW is losing its place from the top list of the world’s best car manufactures. So here the question arises do you also fear the same?

 I would like to ask which brand is leading and winning the game of the ultimate driving machine? Do tell us in the comments.

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