Importance of Online Businesses in the Post-COVID World and How to Make it Successful

Importance of Online Businesses in the Post-COVID World and How to Make it Successful

The consequences of Covid19 have taken the world by storm. It has affected not only the lifestyle but also the businesses in Pakistan. But if you see the positive side of the pandemic, you’ll note that the small businesses are now getting more attention than the huge ones. The importance of Online Businesses in the Post-COVID are increased.

Nobody knows when this pandemic will end but one thing is quite clear that we need the local businesses to survive in the post-pandemic world. Minimalist lifestyles are gradually becoming the need of the hour and people are buying only what they need. That’s why businesses have taken a 360-degree shift in Pakistan and e-commerce is becoming a major boom of the community.

Importance of Online Businesses

Take Airlift for example. A ride-hailing app which is known for its pick and drop services have now launched their grocery store to stay more connected to their customers. It’s because people are in lockdown since March 2020 and aren’t taking any ride-hailing services. I myself have deleted Uber, Careem, and Airlift apps from my mobile since it’s not in use for a long time and I don’t know whether I’ll be needing them in the future.

So, the lesson is adaptability. The better your business adopts the changing environment, the higher are your chances to survive.

According to a study, 30% of the young minds are learning digital marketing skills in the quarantine period and learning to fit better in the post COVID world. Some also have taken the step to quit their jobs and start their online businesses, be it an art gallery, cupcakes, services business, or even freelancing. The point is to understand your customer lifestyle and adapt your business to it. And since people are learning to grow their online venture the demand of SEOs and writers has also increased in Pakistan.

According to an SEO Company in Lahore, they have witnessed an increase in their services demand as people are looking more for SEO specialists and digital marketers to grow their website and social presence.

So the lesson is that the post COVID world will be more towards online businesses rather than job seekers. And people will buy essentials instead of a luxury. For example, you can think of an online business for hygienic products because that will be the need. Secondly, you can start your online academy because people will be working more on the Internet rather than off-screen. The internet will also become a must-have tool in the latter world since most of the things will depend on it. The good thing is that Facebook and Instagram have also offered their support to local businesses by letting them digitize their venture.

Having said that all, if you’re still waiting for the pandemic to end so you can resume your services then you need to rethink and adapt because we don’t know if this pandemic might become our new normal. So it’s good to adopt this pandemic lifestyle and revolve your business strategies around it. 

Here are three key points to adjust better in the post-COVID world:

1. Start with Understanding your Customers

Start with Understanding your Customers

Customers are the core of your business. If they like the product, you can be their forever choice and if you once disappoint them, they can easily opt for other products. So, always start with an in-depth customer analysis, how to fit in their frame, strategies to convince them about your product, and how to better appeal your product to them. With a thorough strategy of your customer behavior, you can adjust better into their frame.

2. Digitize your Small Business

Digitize your Small Business

Whether your business is a food venture, education-based, or grocery store, make it online. In the latter world, your business will get no leads if your customer can’t find it on search engines, Facebook, and Instagram so always use the digital channels to embrace online selling. Either start from a Facebook page or a website but make sure your customers can easily find you online.

3. Start Digital Marketing

Start Digital Marketing

Right after you bring your venture online, your next step should be to use digital marketing strategies to promote your business. Whether you choose to promote it through videos on YouTube, catchy pictures on Instagram or blogging ideas on Facebook, your strategies must suit your online business and should be targeted to your customer needs. Later, you’ll also be needing SEO services to grow your business ranking on the search engines. So, keep trying and experimenting unless you achieve the results out of your marketing.

To Sum It Up

These are however introductory points to make your business successful in the post-Coronavirus world. But you need to delve in more detail to research your customer insights and evolve your business around them. But whatever you do, you must embrace the digital mediums, or else there will be fewer chances of your business survival in the latter world.

What’s your business venture about and how are you preparing for the future? Do let us know in the comments below.


Rida Hashmi is a professional SEO Expert at THE BEST SEO Services Company in Karachi, Pakistan. She has been providing search engine optimization services across Pakistan for more than half a decade now & she has become one of the best SEO experts in the country.

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