How Image to Text Technology Can Improve the Writing Process?

How Image to Text Technology Can Improve the Writing Process?

Marketers and bloggers are always looking for ways to make content writing more efficient. The same challenge is faced in technical and creative writing regarding academics. Students must compile information in their own words by studying material from course books and publications.

But in this digital era, like almost everything else, books have turned into digital PDFs and photos. So how can writers extract that written content from PDFs and photos?

To extract image from text, writers can take help from online OCR tools, which scans the text from graphical content and digital document to make it editable. These tools make things manageable for writers.

Plus, it accelerates the writing process as writers don’t have to read and type the information manually. In this article, we will guide you on how the image to text technology can improve the writing process for marketers, bloggers, article writers, and students.

How Image to Text Technology Can Improve the Writing Process?

Using Image to Text Technology to Improve Writing Process

The Image to text technology is also preferred as OCR technology which has been around since the late 90s. In the beginning, this technology was only good for pronouncing the text from images which were helpful for visually impaired persons.

But with the advancement of technology, the OCR technology became more capable of integrating with everyday use technology. This technology has drastically improved to help writers in the following ways.

No More Manual Extraction

The most significant relief brought by Image to text technology is image scanning. Manual Image to text conversion is intricate and requires exceptional reading and typing—moreover, its time consuming and pretty boring job to do, especially for bloggers or marketers.

In the manual Image to text conversion, you may repeat the information while typing, as it’s hard to keep track of text while reading it from an image. But with the help of Image to text technology, this task can become more straightforward with the slightest chance of committing errors.

You can save a lot of effort by allowing the technology to do its job. Plus, you won’t have to hire any data entry specialist, nor you’ll have to outsource the task to writing specialists. Most of the Image to text converting software is free, so you’re saving yourself a fortune of money by performing the job with the software.

Time Efficient Work

The most significant advantage of using OCR technology is time efficiency. Entering the data from raw form to digital form can consume hours. Even if you’re trying to extract text from a single page, it might take you at least 2 to 3 hours to write the text manually.

Now imagine extracting text from a bundle of pages or PDFs, it might require days of continuous effort to make all that data editable. For individuals like marketers and bloggers, time is money, and they must focus on other aspects of their job.

With the assistance of OCR technology, hours of text extraction can become only a matter of minutes. It only takes a few clicks and a minute to extract thousands of words from an image. So now your time efficiency has improved, and you can focus on other work roles.

The same assistance is brought to students as they have to convert hundreds of PDF pages into editable forms. Therefore, with only a few clicks, Image to text conversion can become an easier job.

No Mistakes or Errors

While manually extracting text from an image, you may commit grammatical mistakes like wrong punctuation placement or spelling errors. These mistakes are expected as a manual Image to text conversion is quite a hectic job.

Even the data entry specialists have to double-check their work when they are transferring the data from raw form into digital form. But the OCR technology reduced the window for committing errors, and the text extraction became much more accurate.

This technology carefully converts digital documents and images into black and white forms, making distinguishing patterns much easier. The character recognition data is already fed to the software, so it makes no mistakes while recognizing the alphabet.

Hence, the chances of mistakes with OCR technology become zero to none, making it a pretty accurate option for extracting text from images.

How can Writers Access Image to Text Technology?

OCR technology has now taken many forms, and it is available from the clicks of the computer mouse to the palm of our hands on smartphones. The Image to text conversion software is available as mobile applications, desktop applications, and web-based tools.

For writers, it is convenient to use web-based OCR technology since its accessible from almost any device that can run a web browser. Plus, web-based tools have no operating system restrictions, so you won’t have to worry about regular updates. Below we have featured some of the widely used Image to text technology products that writers can use for free.

1.   Image to Text Converter by Prepostseo

1.   Image to Text Converter by Prepostseo

If you’re looking to extract text from multiple images at a time without paying or signing up, this Image to text converter by Prepostseo would be the perfect option. This online tool allows you to extract text from up to 10 images at a time without any condition of payment or limited trials.

The tool allows you several options to post input images like URL, cloud storage, and local storage. You can also choose a range of languages for more accurate text recognition. This Image to text converter is efficient enough to recognize mathematical equations and handwritten texts. Therefore, everyone from bloggers, marketers and students can take advantage of its features.



A relatively more straightforward yet easy-to-access online OCR tool which performs at its best for free is the Image to Text converter. This tool is simple yet easy to use with its interface and accessibility features. You can directly upload an image or input a link to an image from an online source.

This tool will give you accurate results for free, and you can download the extracted text as an editable document. It supports a range of languages which works perfectly for linguistic assignments. The Image to Text converter mobile application is available on Android and iOS. You can download it free and convert your digital documents or images into text more quickly.

3.   Photo to Text Converter by Editpad

3.   Photo to Text Converter by Editpad

The image extraction is much simpler and free of cost with This online OCR tool is one of the simplest Image to text convertors you can find online. It provides you with all the options to input an image and supports all the image file formats, including the digital document format PDF.

This tool lets you input the image via URL and local storage. It takes one click to extract from an image. You can copy the extracted text directly from the output box without signing up or paying a single buck. can be accessed from any web browser, making it a recommended option for content writers.


The Image to text conversion technology has become much more accessible than before. Now you can go online and make your data entry job easier with only a few clicks. With the help of online OCR tools, Image to text conversion has become more accurate and efficient.

This article featured some prominent advantages of using OCR technology to improve the writing process. We also shared some online OCR tools that are free to access so you can try them without hassle. We hope this article helped you make your writing process more efficient.

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