How does make money with using WordPress website?

How does make money with using WordPress website?

The world has revolutionized manifolds, from shopping to earning have shrink online. People have found many ways to make money online from a different platform. Yes, WordPress too can be a rigid and concrete source of online earning. How? This article will be a great treat for you if you’re thinking to earn money from a custom WordPress website design. In this article, I’ll be discussing multiple proven ways that can help you to earn money with custom WordPress development services. However, the methods definitely require a specific skill set but still ease of WordPress platform has made it a platform for opportunities if you’re not a developer or designer.

Content Writer:

Content Writer

Before tech advancement as a writer, you have to rush towards a publishing house, a printing press and then a distribution center to publish your creation for readers to buy and read. But this has changed now as the long-chain has broken into a super simple process that entirely focused on a computer and internet connection. Yes, it is, that’s all a content writer need now; a typing device, a strong internet connection, words and creativity; with which you can create worthy content for many websites as there are many websites and they all look for fresh and appealing content.

There are many ways for a content writer to earn via the WordPress website, it almost touches every niche as all you have to do is to visit your darling online blog. There are also contributor application pages when written drafts can be submitted and earn from them too. Also, WordPress content creator jobs are available on job sites like Upwork, Fiverr and ProBlogger. All you have to do is to apply and make money, but before that, it is highly recommended to generate a strong portfolio of your previous work so that your worth must be a show off in front of clientele. Port-folios are helpful in the exposure of your writing styles, creativity, approach and vision of your inscription across social media.

Monetizing a Blog:

Monetizing a Blog

Your blog is a definite source of generating a passive income, money can be made via selling ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored reviews etc. It is actually a way of getting the benefit of the content you have and traffic you already possess without any spare exertion. Marketplaces and service providers propose associate programs like Shareasale, CJ Affiliate, and Creative Market etc. You just need to add links to your post after signing up for a FREE account.

Moreover, the simplest way to make money from any kind of WordPress website is by exhibiting advertisements on your WordPress website. It is a super easy process, you can run your website as you wish to, and ads will be on display aside and earn a nice little bit money for you. For selling ads, you can also offer your own ad packages or work with a company like Google AdSense. Your blog can also be a home for sponsored posts by just adding a contact form to your blog so that companies get in touch with you for guides and sponsored reviews of their product/services.

Offering courses:

Offering courses

If you are confident about your skills, earn from them. Create and monetize a course and help millions of people who are using the internet to acquire new expertise. Courses can be of gardening, cooking, teach people to write content, create a blog, music classes, video editing and much more.

First of all upload your course on a third party e-learning site like Udemy and Lynda, set your own price then use your WordPress website as a marketing platform for that course. You can also host your courses on your WordPress website, manage them and set your prices to get all the cream. Good News is that there are several plugins on WordPress that can help to create courses making your work easier. Furthermore, membership plugin can be added on the WordPress website to permit access to the exclusive content i.e. courses, blog posts, videos, downloadable content etc.



It’s obvious that some exertion will be required to create an online presence and credibility in customers, but believe me, WordPress website can also be turned into a commendable e-commerce website. Now, you’ll be thinking about why e-commerce? People have shifted their wallets towards online shopping and pandemic also pushed the envelope in this regard.

WordPress gives you an excellent opportunity to make money from this, all you have to do is to install WooCommerce i.e. a plugin unified impeccably with WordPress website and will help you to setup your online business. Whether you sell shirts, teach cooking or sell vintage car toys, WooCommerce will create your online presence, find and connect with potential customers and moreover, it’ll also let you collect payments via WordPress store.

Theme and Plugin Development:

Theme and Plugin Development

If you are skilled in HTML, CSS and JavaScript then you can make money by developing themes on WordPress, also themes can be customized and be sold ahead. You don’t have to be extra skilled or mastered to design a tempting WordPress theme but the knowledge of your design and the target customer is a must. You should know for who you are designing or else the day will end badly with zero customer.

You can also make a team of like fellows and can join an endeavor that is already in the game so save your time in generating a whole new presence in the market. Themeforest, TemplateMonster and Creative Market are the platform where you can sell your themes or you can also sell it on your own website. You can also offer Theme Customization services to the market, as many experts are making good side income by offering their services in theme customization. Many users normally install by default theme provided by their web hosting provider and not so technically able to personalize them; like

  • Personalized layout of pages
  • Personalized post types
  • Creating Logo and Brands
  • Integration with Social Media
  • Setting up News Letter
  • Setting up eCommerce store
  • Configuring plugins

This is a remarkable example of earning money by spending small time and effort, WordPress provides limitless opportunities as you can offer your services per task or make your services available at variable per hour charges.

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