6 Most Exciting New Year Eves You Should Not Miss In Karachi

6 Most Exciting New Year Eves You Should Not Miss In Karachi

New Year is the time of the year which is being celebrated around the globe at the end of every year to welcome the next year.  You will find people celebrating New Year at different destinations and attend shiny glitzy parties. Just like every corner of the world in Pakistan, there are also some of the amazing events organized by an events manager. In Karachi, the most populous city of Pakistan also came up with some of the exciting events of the year for welcoming the year 2020. Therefore Karachi also preps for the New Year celebration of 2020 and says goodbye the year 2019. Here is a list of events we are sharing you should not ignore to welcome the coming new year on 31st December.

Midnight Madness New Year’s Eve

This midnight madness event is going to happen on the 28th of December till 29th December. You can have the real madness in this event with your friends and family.  This event has been organized by Kund Malir tours. It will be the best place for fireworks and spending a cold night at Kund Malir beach.

Mouj-e-Moola at Moola Chotok

This event is going to hold in Safari Karachi. This event has been organized for three days tour to Khuzdar city. In this tour, you will have fun and some of the exciting things are qawali night, born fire, live performances, and amazing waterfalls of Moola Chotok. If you are in Karachi then you should not miss this event. Individuals, family groups and especially solo travelers are highly encouraged to attend the event.

Karachi Fashion STYLE “kfs19” 2ND Edition

Karachi fashion style event is coming soon to your ways for 2 days. This event s present by a star talent agency and all the electronic media will be covering the event. The event also has arranged a concert by some musical bands and singers.

New Year Eve Celebration 2019 – 2020

This event has been organized to witness the madness on 31st December at 12:00 am. To welcome the New Year at beach View Park this New Year event is the biggest one in Karachi. Some of the biggest musical artists will also be part of this event.

New Year’s Celebration

This event is happening at Koyla Chai Restaurant in Karachi. I must say this New Year event you should not miss because this is one of the best places for fireworks. So you can have fun there with a live music concert by different musicians and singers. Witness the fireworks with live music and have an ambiance of the New Year celebration.

Grand New Year Eve 2020

To experience the magic of New Year at port grand you should not miss grand New Year eve 2020. You will welcome the New Year with Farhan Saeed’s live music concert, with great food in town on the 31st of December.

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