10 Problems Every Food Delivery Rider Face In Pakistan

10 Problems Every Food Delivery Rider Face In Pakistan

Hello, Desis! It’s 2021, being stuck at homes for about a year now, we all want to boost the eating game. We have missed our friends, and we have been missing our favorite foods. But the virus hasn’t said a proper goodbye yet. So, most probably, we still might be sitting in our homes this year, too, but with good food and friends(knock on wood).

Amid the lockdown, many good restaurants closed, and many new restaurants served us excellent desi food. The dilemma is that we don’t get to make our taste buds feel good until the right food is delivered to us. Why the delay? Why so much wait? Why do these food delivery providers and food delivery riders make us wait so much?

Flawed Food Order Management Softwares Of Pakistan

Flawed Food Order Management Softwares Of Pakistan

Well, it’s not our favorite restaurants that are culprits. Because they make our good beloved food, and they cook it in time. The real culprits are the food delivery guys who can’t fathom the importance of our need to have our food delivered in time. Having some app problems and making the food delivery riders go in circles around our place is the most annoying thing.

So, after a thorough search over the various groups on different social websites, a lot of data was gathered. This data was collected from the users of these flawed food order management apps and the system’s victims. All had very similar grievances telling stories of ordering from their favorite restaurants and then ending up with a burned-out food delivery guy. None had a clue what happened and why the delay was there in the first place.

Good News! We identified the problem and sorted a solution. So, when you place an order, the restaurant acts on it, prepares the food, and gives it to the food delivery guy. And this is where the problem begins. Since the food delivery management does not get you the proper location. And do not update the riders about the quickest route to get to it. The delay takes the place of quality deliverance. Due to which the following scenarios occur.

1- The Traffic Jams And Poor Riders

The Traffic Jams And Poor Riders

A delivery management system in Pakistan must have a traffic update feature. The big cities have this massive problem with traffic, and it’s a known fact. But the small towns are also having occasional traffic jams Rather than getting the customers and delivery guys both in a constant loop of embarrassment and apology. They should opt for a method to give heads up of both the parties’ upcoming scenarios to face.

2- Narrow Alleys Of Old Cities And Wide Spread Location Fetching

Not all of us Desis are looking for wide-open roads in-front of our homes. Some of us prefer living in old towns and cities to get that antiques to feel. The problem that arises in these narrow old alleys is that our locations get tangled up in tiny spots. Making the riders get super confused, looking at the same doors with no nameplates. All the delivery management software should be zeroing down the location of the customer as much as possible. To get that final and proper locale overview to be sent to the dedicated driver application. Making all our lives and our taste buds feel good.

3- The Heavy Load Of Dedicated Driver Application Data

It’s a plea from all the Desi food lovers to all the delivery management systems developers. Please make your applications and software go easy on food delivery riders’ devices. So many of us have encountered this sigh from the rider that their app crashed during the delivery. Sometimes even the restaurants complain that their delivery management system broke in their device, causing them to halt the deliveries amid our cravings. These kinds of issues really impact lousy customer service, and all the rage is exalted by the customers in the restaurants. But now we know who’s to blame.

4- Use Of Heat Maps To Organize Delivery Fleet Better

The heat maps concept is excellent for all kinds of delivery operations. It highlights those regions of the city from which most of the orders are being generated. Then you can make sure to prepare all the orders of a particular area in one go. Making it easier for the rider to spend less fuel and get the most productivity out of the minimum amount of time. This feature is used by some of the delivery management systems that give them an edge over quality services in respected regions.

5- Easy COD Managements For Delivery Riders

Many food delivery riders struggle when they take a detour to deliver and find out that the order was postpaid. This can be tackled with a simple solution to making the proper COD feature. And embedding it in the delivery management software to show the customer’s proper payment and received by the food delivery rider. In fact, you can evaluate the performance of every rider or the whole fleet about all the payments received and income being generated in one go.

6- No Reinforcements For Riders During A Bad Day

It’s no more a secret that often our food delivery riders get stuck due to bad vehicles. Several issues can come up due to several reasons. But are there solutions provided by the company? No! There aren’t any. In fact, they don’t even bother when a rider gets stuck due to any technical issue. This eventually leads to an unhappy customer with an empty belly and a terrible craving for favorite food. To make this problem fade away, one should always have a tracking system to track delivery riders’ performance location and undue delays to tackle with alternative riders for a successful delivery.

7- Fake Calls And Dummy Orders

This is now getting controlled over time as the people using delivery management applications in their smartphones are smart. But still, in many cities, people are making the food delivery rider’s life as challenging as ice in the winter, with their fake calls for fun. To tackle this kind of fakers, delivery management systems are using a personalized database for every owner. Enabling them to track and block the culprit who is the root cause of the problem. Moreover, it enables them to own their customer’s data, which helps them offer packages and offers for a specific region.

8- Over Complicated UIs Of Delivery Management Applications

Many of the apps in the name of tech solutions are the problems in the first place. The user interface designer must have been in a bad, bad mood to make such a horrible, horrible interface (May he sees the better days). Some of the food delivery riders are the boomers, and they can’t use smartphones smartly. So, when someone like them tries to brand a new interface with a foreign language, they totally discover the new world for themselves.

9- Food Delivery Riders Looking For Incentives

Food delivery riders are a modern-day salesman. They make the restaurant’s sales go boom and give challenging situations like lockdowns a depression. They are the ones who play the most crucial role in the making of a happy customer. Still, they are the most underpaid and left out when it comes to the proper incentives schedule. After being stuck hours in traffic and not communicating with either the management or the customer, what they earn is way less than the effort. For this, there should be a proper performance monitoring system embedded in the app for one-click evaluation reports generation.

10- The Change Savers

Not saying that all of us do this, but most of us are determined to save every rupee after every purchase. These are the kind of savers who want that last rupee on rs=299/- product. In this saving process, the one who suffers is always the food delivery rider. Hence, to resolve this saving dilemma, the rider’s delivery management application should have a credit system embedded. This will save time and will provide the option to the customer to tip the food delivery rider.

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