Xiamen Make Locks Manufacturer Co., Limited

MAKE Locks,start its business in 2003,scope of business covering such lock areas as cam locks,vending machine locks,push locks, laptop locks,pad locks,cabinet locks,locker locks,lock barrels, security locks,key switch locks, cabinet hinges,is well-known for high quality and cost efficiency.

MAKE Locks has many advantages in locks industry.Firstly,MAKE lock is run by experienced engineers.Secondly,MAKE introduced anvannced equipments such as life span tester, microscope, projector, rockwell meter,salt spray tester,torsion tester, etc.Thirdly,MAKE Locks offers reliable service,in the respect of pre-sales,many potential customers has visited our factory to know what is the benefit Make lock has and it is different from other factories.

In the past nineteen years,ever since the company went public,the business scales and revrnues have kept expanding,It is among the top 100 Chinese lock companies.Over the years,our lock business has been increasing substantially,taking up the lion,s share in the nation,export total in this field.Make lock will continue our efforts to offer top lock product,Contact us. https://www.makelocks.com