The Lavender School System

The Lavender School System was formed by a group of professionals with the aim to provide such a learning environment for your children where every child is physically safe, emotionally secure, and psychologically sheltered. The idea was to create A Home Away From Home for your kids. A place which is really a Child-Centered, applying the stimulating education system derived from most modern, creative, and innovative teaching techniques.

Mission Statement

We aim at is becoming the best Child-Friendly School in town by ensuring a healthy, hygienic, and safe learning environment, engaging the highly qualified, skilled, and passionate faculty and by applying the modern teaching and learning processes appropriate to each child’s mental level and learning potential.

We are determined to provide our students with such an attractive learning environment where each student shall be motivated in such a way that Passion for excellence shall become a driving force in pursuit of knowledge and career.

Our Vision

Children are natural learners, but their capacity to learn is undermined and a lot of potentials is wasted where the environment of the school is not supportive. A Child-Friendly School recognizes, encourages, and inspires children’s learning capacities by providing a caring school culture, friendly teaching, and curriculum content focused on learning and the learner.

It’s the universal truth that we give our best when we love what we do. Likewise, Children have a tendency to excellence when their interest is stimulated in studies. That is why rather than giving too much emphasis on the study at school, we make it a joyful place for the kids where learning becomes sports and the sports end up in learning.

We strongly believe that mere injecting the theoretical knowledge into the minds of children is not enough to make them good human beings. So as a part of the education we fully focus on developing the positive attitudes in the young kids to turn them into caring, honest, truthful, sensible, and responsible citizens of our society.

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Contact Person: Muhammad Nadeem
Mobile No: 03338011333
Phone No: 04235442372
Fax No: 04235442372


72-G, Gulberg III,Near D-Ground,Firdous Market, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan