Reichert Security Services

Dear Sir,
Reichert Security Services (Pvt) Ltd provides customized guarding service to a large clientele of various business categories. In order to manage the deployed force, the company has a well laid out command structure, divided the area into different zones with its Head Office at Lahore. The Owner / CEO is an ex-Army Officer (Major Imtiaz Ahmad, TBT. Retd) is a thorough professional who has written a Book / descriptive on Security issues with the name of “Security at Top”
Our organization has around a decade of experience in law enforcement through manned guarding. Our highly experienced and professional staff work directly with the client to provide a total security package best suited to the specific requirements. Our concept of response management allows for service continuity to address the costumer’s individual needs. Our personnel has to meet the most stringent professional requirements and go through comprehensive multitudinous training prior to the assignment.
Reichert Security Services (Pvt) Ltd is the company in Pakistan that has been entrusted by the Pakistan Army due to the best performance in the field of Security.
Important and relevant details in a crisp form are as under.
1. Company Registration Number: 0062680
2. Experience of the company Ten years (10 Years)
3. Clients during the last 5 years 52 (Including 6 Multinational Companies).
4. Type of Company. Private Limited
5. FBR- NTN Number 3176472-0
6. Social Security SSLE/Cont/g/( ) 2016 /7847 of 16 Dec 2016.
7. EOBI BIA04800
8. PRA/GST/PST. PRA/Certificates/194 PNTN 3176472-0
9. Superior Weapon Licenses 222/223 and 9 mm Uploaded and updated with HD
10. Other Licenses 12 bore, 30 bore

11. In-house expertise, Training facility along with required training staff, Hiring, Transport, Finance, Compliance Teams, Monitoring Teams, Data Base Management, Operations Management, Administration, Quality Control and contract implementation mechanism

12. Outsourcing Tax advisor /Tax consultants, Photographers, Transport (If the volume is required more than the in-house transport property).
13. Collaborations Reichert Teams work with the collaboration of Police, Rangers, and Army. (Examples, Performed collaborated activities for the security of PSL (2-5 March 2017) with 112 security personnel, Provided foolproof security for Independence Cup 2017, and have the honor to protect Sri Lankan Cricket Team and Qaddafi Stadium, the most sensitive assignment.
14. Our Rating can be assessed that the Government of Punjab and other LEAs are entrusting Reichert Security to secure the international event sites. Army has initiated a letter to adjust their retired skilled manpower hence showing trust and worth.
15. Services Static guards, Escort Services, Event Management, Bouncers, Facility Risk Assessments, Consultancy Services, Special Residential Guards, Technical & Surveillance Solutions.

16. List of major clients. 56 Major Clients in Punjab. Please see the Profile.
17. Verification of Guards. 100 %. Verification of guards.
18. Weapon Licenses. Highly contemporary and state-of-the-art weapons, 222, 223, PB Licenses – licenses enclosed. 12 bore and 30 bore pistol licenses also enclosed.
19. Snipers of Commandos. Certified Commando Sniper guards have been enrolled, certificate enclosed
20. Tax Payer. Since 2007.
21. Type of Clients.
• Government Departments / MNCs /INGOs / NGOs /Corporate Sector / Education Institutions / Autonomous Bodies / 3 Star Hotels /Food Chains / Brands / Factories / Money exchanges.

• HONOUR Reichert Security Company has been trusted by all concerned agencies, the Government of the Punjab, and PCB to provide Security to Sri Lankan Team during the Match held on 29th Oct 2017. Similarly, we were asked for the provision of Security for PSL (Final) and for Independence Cup 2017 to protect the site, spectators, foreign visitors, officials, and other players. (Evidence enclosed).
• Expertise in event Management

22. Services with Education Institutions (School, Offices, Compounds, Colleges, Universities & Hostels). We have special expertise in Office and compounds security. Different offices, Schools, Universities, and Hospitals are being protected by Reichert Security.

23. Director’s Experience.

• Ex -Army Officer

• Served in MNCs / INGO as Country Head of Safety & Security.
• Done ten (10) International Courses / Certificates in relation to Safety and Security
• An author of a “Descriptive” (Book) with the name of “Safety at Top”.
• Earned Shield of performance from the US Embassy in recognition of Security Work.
• Worked with ex-pats and UN, Devised safety & Security measures.
• Carried out Risk Assessments for ex-pats travels / Accommodation, Facility Risk Assessments for Office Buildings, Hotels, and Guest Rooms, and Functions /VIP Gatherings.
• Writing of Blogs / Article on Security Issues.
Note: For detail, please see the CV inside the Profile.

24. Company has the license/permission to use the following weapons: –

• 222 MM
• 223 MM

• 12 Bore Gun
• 30 Bore Pistol

• 9 MM Pistol

25. Weapons. Purchasing only from authorized Government Approved Dealer.
26. Credentials / Authorisations. (Below certificates are attached in profile as evidence).
• Certificate of Incorporation
• Form 29
• GST / PST Registered
• Valid and active NTN
• EOBI Registered
• Social Security Registered
• WHT properly being paid.
• APSAA Registered
• Renewal Certificate issued by the Government of Punjab
• Memorandum & Article of Association
27. No Black-Listing: Certificate attached in profile.
28. Security Clearances: No guard is deployed until clear from a Security perspective.
29. Medical Clearance. It is ensured that all guards are medically fit and clear.
30. Security Plan. We offer free consultancy for our potential clients.
31. What security services are offered: –
• Static Guards
• VIP Protection

• Close Protection
• Event Management

• Investigations
• Security Audits
• Facility Risk Assessments
• Mobile Escort / Event Security
• Digital and Physical Security of buildings
• Digital and physical Compound Security
• Asset Security
• Verification of Incident
• Vehicle Gauge Measuring and Monitoring System
• Access Control Management
• Emergency Response (ER Department)
32. Taking Responsibility as the third party

• Reichert Security also works as a third party security vendor for renowned brands/organizations/departments.
• Establishes complete security set up including access and exit controls systems.
• Execute Asset Protection.
33. Security Equipment offered: –

• Walk Through Gate
• Metal Detectors
• Ammunition Detectors
• CCTV Surveillance
• Baggage Scanner
• Physical Body Search
• Vehicle Search Mirror
• Under Vehicle Scanning System can be made available on an additional cost.
• Torches
• Whistle
34. Monitoring control and supervision mechanism of the guards: –

• Our Supervisor is given internet Facility, he daily visits all the location of guards, WhatsApp the current situation (Giving evidence of guard’s real presence, change of shift and new take over through WhatsApp, Photo in uniform, Shaven or not, turnout, etc. is checked), The real-time pics are sent to company Management.
• For timely reporting for the duty, Biometric is installed sponsored by the client. So, no late coming. If someone is late or does not turn up, a proper system is devised and in place to impose a penalty.
• Monitoring through Communication.
• Performance Care Insurance.
• Daily Tour Recording
• Daily Attendance Checking
• Thumb impression after each hour at night just to stay the guar awake, so he can’t sleep at night otherwise penalty is imposed.
• Spot Checks by Monitoring Team twice a week

• Management security audit visits
• CCTV Cameras real-time and random checking

• Close relation with Client Admin and Security Departments.
• Monitoring through Communication.
• Performance Care Insurance.
• Briefing / Debriefing

35. Logistic Support to the deployed security staff: –

• Comfortable Accommodation
• Free Pick Drop

• Supervisors are provided Motorbikes
• Medical cases transported to Hospital through Company arrangement.

• Arrangements of neat drinking water

• Emergency causality evacuation
• In case of death, free Ambulance to home town.
• Food delivery at the site when protecting some large events.
• Food delivery arrangements at the site if desired by guards.

36. Training and Awareness on Following.

• Personal Safety and Security
• Hostile Visitors Management
• Access Control Management
• Patrolling
• Post Log Maintenance
• Guards Legal Powers
• Reporting Procedures of an incident
• Observance of suspicious Activity
• Surveillance
• Counter surveillance
• Weapon Training
• Weapon handling
• Firing
• Personal Hygiene, Punctuality
37. Training Team. Reichert Security has a proper training system and curriculum. You may see training programs subsequently. Training is led by a Lt Col.
38. Refresher Training / Firing Practice.

• When taking on a new project
• On arrival of new Guards
• Quarterly
• When needed
• Security Training Programme available in the profile.

39. Guard Selection Criteria
• As per rules in vogue by the Government. We do some additional measures as well.
• Around 30 % of guards have inducted ex-servicemen with minimum Height 5 feet 6 inches, having a presentable physique with the basic knowledge of security. We select the guards from fighting forces.
• Detail is mentioned in the profile in the above mentioned heading.
40. Salary of Guards: We pay a guard very good salary, much more as compare to other security companies.

41. ER Teams: We have Emergency Response teams of different types with diverse capabilities. Please see the niceties in the detailed profile.

42. Appreciation Certificates by Major Clients
• Company has been appreciated by the Pakistan Army.
• Certificates are part of the profile for Major Clients.
43. Company Profile. Please see in detail at your convenient time. The company Profile is hereby enclosed.

For more detail contact:

Contact Person: Major Imtiaz Ahmad
Email: [email protected]
Mobile No: +923347931721, +923247931721


Reichert Security, 1431/7. 1st Floor, Tufail Road Kachery Chowk Lahore, Cantt. Pakistan., Lahore, Punjab