Huawei Google Replacement Is On The Horizon

Huawei Google Replacement Is On The Horizon

After the serious tension between China and America because of the trade ban and ban on the use of google play services, Huawei company has sped up its process to launch own software. The US Huawei trade ban announcement fears the Huawei users, whether the new app will have the same application and operating system just like the android google play store offers. But this is also a fact that now Huawei’s Google replacement is on the horizon. Trump’s government decided to ban the services to the new smartphones of Huawei but also said that on existing smartphones users will be able to get security updates as before.

HMS Harmony Unveiled

When the US announced to ban the use of google play services by Huawei users, the company unveiled its operating system; HMS will be launching soon. With Huawei’s latest device Mate 30 users will be unable to access the google play store services on this device. The company gave a response to the news that they are building their own HMS operating system for their devices. To sustain in the market and to get a good share of selling their mobile phones we are expecting that the company might unveil new products in the market too.

Huawei Calls More Developers

Recently Huawei has called more developers across the company’s new app store. After being blocked by the US government for access to google services; Huawei launched its HMS system. In an event in London Huawei has declared that more developers are signing up as they have already gained much growth in the app development. Moreover, the company has revealed that around four hundred million monthly users are already using the system. For now, they are eager to get connected with more mobile devices producers for greater connectivity. The company says that they are investing in £20 million in the countries like the UK and Ireland, where more developers can engage with the company and share more apps on the Huawei gallery for the users.

Huawei’s Situation And The Reaction Of Other Countries

When the company launched its new smart device Mate 30, Us has already banned the use of Google services on the device. On account of this Huawei, CEO opens up about his feeling and said, we are very transparent quoted that “It’s not good for US companies, it’s not good [for us]…in the past we [made] a big contribution to US companies. And now it’s not allowed to use…it’s damaging to US companies’ business.”

Furthermore, he added that they don’t want to happen this as they already have a very good business with Google, but the US government is not allowing us to do so.

After this ban, other countries like Australia and Japan haven’t banned the company to trade there, but they have blocked Huawei in the working of 5G networks. On the other hand, UK is seeking from the US to remove the ban on the trade, but UK’s president has also said that they will look into the ban and may follow the US because of security reasons.


For substantial growth of the company Huawei is working hard and inviting more developers to contribute to their apps. The company has claimed that 55000 developers have already signed up. Please do share your thoughts on whether the company will have substantial growth and more investment from other contributors; would the company be able to compete with a world-class operating system? What’s your stance on these do tell us in the comment below.

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