How To Keep Your MacBook/Laptop Safe

How To Keep Your MacBook/Laptop Safe

Before last night I was not even sure about writing on the topic ever. But the accident I came to know in the middle of a conversation with my boss about building a marketplace to help local businesses, service providers and event organizers to promote themselves on an online platform named Well after that as I heard the news, it took me nowhere except to write on the idea of providing some tips for MacBook safety. The story behind the idea is that my boss MacBook slipped from his hands and got dent everywhere. As he told me that the real problem here is he can’t get it repaired in Pakistan (Shopkeeper also said the same at the time of purchase). Therefore not giving a second thought to it, I decided to write on some precautionary measures to keep the MacBook safe. You know as the famous proverb saying is “Prevention is better than cure”

How To Keep Your MacBook/Laptop Safe - Connecting.Pk

My boss told me that he faces the problem after every one to two years, which leaves him nowhere but to spend a handsome amount on repair of these devices. So here I am sharing some precautionary tips for MacBook/laptop safety, which I am sure will help him keep his devices safe and all the Pakistanis out there.

Damage In A Backpack

Your laptop is probably one of the most important devices. So you must be careful when it is in your backpack. So here are some tips for its safety

  1. Keep the laptop screen safe while it is in your backpack. Things like pencils, cords and even earbuds can crack the screen.
  2. Dropping and shaking the laptop can also cause damages because if you have a mechanical hard disk, shaking can lead to losing your saved data.
  3. Overloading your backpack can also be fatal for your laptop. Avoid putting your MacBook in a fully loaded backpack. This can lead to crushing the laptop.
  4. Don’t leave your laptop on in the backpack, because it can get overheated.
  5. Keep the device away from food and beverages. If you have food or any drink even if it’s sealed, still there is a chance that it can spill over the laptop inside the backpack.
  6. Putting other things over the laptop can potentially damage it. So don’t put other things on top of the laptop.

Tips For Carrying It In The Backpack

This valuable device should be kept safe and its safety should be your first priority while you carry when traveling. When you are moving to your workplace or leaving for the college university below mentioned protection steps should be followed.

  1. Shut down at first when you have finished using it. Close all the files and power down, it can help you avoid overheating the computer.
  2. Make sure you unplug other devices and cords, like flash devices, CDs, headphones or another item.
  3. Close it after making sure that there is no stuff like a pencil or earbuds left between the screen and keyword of the computer; keep it in a safe protective case.
  4. Now keep it in your backpack, and don’t forget to zip it up, so you can move with confidence as you have placed the device in a protective compartment.

Other Safety Measures In General

Other safety measures that can help you to protect the laptop are as follows.

  1. Wrap the laptop charger right way while using it.
  2. Use silicon ports plugs which can minimize the chance of getting dusty ports and humidity from the air.
  3. Always keep a keyboard cover, so you can avoid any spills over the laptop, dust or dirt in the keyboard.
  4. You can use a ventilated case to keep the device safe from any scratches over it.
  5. To keep the laptop cool and don’t let it heated; use a curvy laptop holder stand whenever you are using it on a table. These titled and ventilated stands are very helping to avoid crashes.

Some Final Thoughts

So wrapping up the topic here I am sure I have come across some of the most suitable safety measures for laptops. I would recommend, always go for high-quality ad backup friendly cases for such devices. These devices are now very important for your everyday life and work that is why its safety must be your first priority.

 Is there any other tip you want to share with us? Please share your experience of handling a situation when your MacBook came across with dents on it.

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