7 Links Building Techniques Will Drive Results For Your Business

7 Links Building Techniques Will Drive Results For Your Business

Search engine optimization or SEO as we often call it is a major factor to consider when building an online presence. This is because search engines offer one of the biggest sources of organic traffic. To make the most of this opportunity, you have to meet the demands of search engines. Hence the name “search engine optimization”.

The various search engine ranking page (SERP) criteria represent different SEO techniques. Almost all SEO optimization techniques seem easier than link building. Most digital marketers or website operators do not understand how to effectively build links. To help out, here are 7 Links Building Techniques Will Drive Results For Your Business.

Avoid Using “Here” as an Anchor Text

This is usually the most common link-building mistake most people make. Using the “here” word for link building is as terrible as using the “dear customer” tag for email marketing. It does not provide web users with any clues as to what to expect if they should click on the link. As a result, most people will not click on the link. The few that do will do it out of curiosity.

Most people on the internet are not there to satisfy their curiosity. They are looking for answers. Using the right keywords instead of the word “here” gives them an insight into what to expect. If the insight aligns with the solution to their problem, they will click on that link.

Only Link to Related Webpages

This is probably why most digital marketers use “here” as anchor texts. Research has shown that most websites with “here” as their anchor texts are not linked to related webpages. Most often than not, they are linked to the homepage or a landing page. Although this is not a bad technique, it is not the best.

Your backlinks must not always lead to a landing page or your homepage. You should link your content to other related pages on your website. For example, you can link the “about us” using the keyword “learn more about us”. This may even prompt the web user to take the CTO.

Engage in Efficient Guest Blogging

There is more to guest blogging than throwing your content on any or every available page. At some point, search engines threatened to remove backlinks as a criterion for ranking. This was because some web operators turned it to a “fall for me, I fall for you” idea. Back to the issue of guest blogging, you have to do it properly.

Instead of looking for any available platform to post your content, try to post your content on websites of authority. Having a backlink to your website from a website of authority will drive results for your business.

Start Your Own Content Based Platform

Sometimes, you will have to build from scratch. You are not the only one trying to guest blog on a website of the authority. Besides, the website of authority may not accept your content. This does not mean you should have to share your content on any mediocre platform. Instead, launch your own content-based platform.

It may not necessarily be a blog. It can as well be a news channel. If you are an e-commerce enthusiast, you can discuss the features of the Woocommerce Shop as customer plugin. You can as well give tutorials on how to install and use this plugin. Using this content-based platform, you can now insert links naturally to other webpages of your website.

Register at Online Directories

The benefit of directories is that you get seen while also boosting your SERP. In a time like this where the competition is very stiff, installing a Woocommerce mix and match plugin is not enough. You cannot properly serve customers if they do not know you in the first place.

Register with online directories such as Google My Business, Bing Places, and the likes. Another benefit of online directories is that they are localized. This implies that whenever people closest to your location search for your services, they will locate you first before they locate other businesses that are far from them.

Integrate Your Social Media Pages

Social media platforms are websites of authority. Also, you have their conditional permission to post your content on their platform. All you need to do is create social media pages and integrate them into your website. Just like the Woocommerce mix and match, there are also plugins for social media integration.

After integrating your social media platforms to your website, share content from your website or blog to your social media handles. You should endeavor to add captivating and related captions to the contents before sharing them. Great captions help draw the attention of social media users.

Revitalise Your Content

When it is all said and done, your content is the endpoint of all backlinking efforts. Without good content, you will end up with more bounce rates. Infographics are a good form of content that can help you revitalize your content. You can create infographics supporting the content you are putting out.

You should also ensure to link these infographics to your website or webpages. This is a good content strategy as the infographics will redirect web users to your website regardless of which platform the infographics appear.

There are many other link-building techniques. One of such is competitor analysis. This involves finding out which backlinking technique your competitors are using. However, these 7 techniques listed above are a good start.

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